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Across town, Market East, for the price of million, has morphed into Jefferson Station, while the Kimmel Center is running a 0 million naming-rights campaign of its own.

To travel between them all, one can use the Inde Go bike share, named for and made possible by an Independence Blue Cross sponsorship.

Grzybowski is hoping viral potential will close the deal.

“I think what companies would get out of it is something that’s cool to be a part of.

Obviously, you can’t promise this will be seen by a million people—but, in our perfect world, it would be,” he said.

Some of their siblings have been asking, is nothing sacred?

But, he warned, “You have to do it in a way that’s really organic, credible, and authentic, that shows the brand isn’t just selling something, but they’re interested in this influencer’s life and lifestyle.” “The worst thing you can possibly do is mistake marketing shtick for true influencers,” he said.

“The shtick artists, they want to create a transaction — and that can be sniffed out by consumers easily.” There are also regulatory issues: After the Federal Trade Commission warned top Instagrammers about undisclosed paid content, Instagram began requiring a tag identifying sponsored posts. “I think, what if a friend told me they were doing this?

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Edwards, 54, made his money through investments in Canadian oil and mining companies, owning stakes in Ensign Energy, Canada's second biggest oil services company, and Penn West, one of Canada's biggest energy trusts.

Americus Reed, marketing professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, said it’s likely Gilbert and Grzybowski will find marketers ready to sign on.