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And if you are already a runner, they'll help you improve your speed and endurance on longer runs and maybe even hit a PR this fall marathon season. Basic Warmup: Walk, then skip lightly or run for five to 10 minutes.Arrange these five routines throughout a seven- or 10-day training regimen so you can sufficiently recover and ward off injury. Then, complete a few dynamic mobility drills: Heel walks, knee hugs, quad tugs, lunges, butt kicks, etc.Take 3 minutes to walk and perform mobility drills between each. Distance: 90-meters (to work speed), 120-meters, or 150-meters (to work endurance) divided into three equal distances marked with cones.Reps: 3 to 5 Pace: Your run is divided in to three. But, if you're a cardio naysayer, then we dare you to try these track workouts and see if you still feel the same way.Designed by Bobby Mc Gee, a 30-year endurance coach with expertise in middle distance, cross country, road, marathon, and triathlon coaching, these workouts will contribute to your overall fitness and athleticism.(If your 200-meter max effort is 35 seconds, then the slowest you should drop to is 37 seconds.) Recovery: Full recovery between reps (3-4.5 minutes). *MAv (Maximum Aerobic Velocity) Shuttles Set up cones to mark 20 meters on either end of a 100-meter stretch on the track to use as your recovery zone.100 meters Recovery: 50 meters in double the time it took you to run 100 meters (If you run 100 meters in 20 seconds, recover with 50 meters in 20 seconds) Reps: 3 sets of 5 minute intervals [Keep repeating 100-meter sprints followed by 50-meter recoveries for five full minutes.] Pace: Your mile pace *VO2 Max Workout Distance: 300-, 400-, or 500-meters (Choose the distance that takes you no longer than 75 seconds to complete).

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You work hard all week, so it's time to have some fun!If you have any questions, call Janice at 770-815-4997.