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Takanori Matsumoto is a sixteen year old teenager who is trying to get through high school. He's bored of his life in the sea and decides to go to the dry land where humans live and provoke them.

When he gets on the dry land, an immense pain goes through his tail which forms into legs as they spread.

Crawling further into the land, since he didn't know how to walk, he was completely naked, with intention of controling minds with his song.

He finds it impossible as his voice loses its power when he tries to mind control a blond haired male with a cloth around his nose, who seemed to enjoy the view.

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C'est la seconde guerre mondiale qui approche et Yoshiki qui ne vit que d'amour et d'eau fraiche se rendra compte un peu tard de la cruauté du monde dans lequel il vit... With dangers arising and feelings unfolding, how is he going to survive the year? His voice can easily hypnotise any human being who hears it, and he kills uninvited guests by drowning them.

All names will remain anonymous, unless you make the decision to reveal yourselves. "Kai; highly developed skill set in all areas and particularly in strategy.