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is an animated comedy series chronicling the misguided attempts at parenthood of Rudi Wilson (Longoria), a disgraced former music exec, as she transitions from the towers of Manhattan to the carpool lane of suburbia.The show itself is pretty good but the opening song was put together poorly.In such a relationship, the woman has to contend with normal dating issues You’re dating a man with children and it’s a new experience.But, how do you go about dating a guy with children?The singer sounds like he couldn't cut it in the music world or someone felt bad for him and gave him this gig.The song is horrible and the singer gives me headache every time I hear his voice. I hope he reads this and realizes he can't cut it. The one verse he says if shes at the end of town he'll pick her up.

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Danny's operation was done on the temporal lobe behind the ear, which is closer to the memory and language section of the's a romance without "big boy pants." So I neither recommend it nor swear you off it completely..

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