Dating rituals germany in the 1990s

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In many senses, Germany is the true gate way to Europe, bordering with nine other countries; France, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Luxembourg and Belgium. It boasts some of the most attractive, competitive and entertaining football your likely to see anywhere in the world.

Whatever your budget; travelling Germany has plenty to offer backpackers. The country also has some of the worlds most amazing landscape of rivers, lakes, forests and mountains, friendly and diverse people and some of the planets greatest beer! I can actually walk to Switzerland in five minutes from my flat! Luckily with great transport options, and the notorious Autobahn, all of Germany can be easily reached by experienced and new travellers alike. With a total of three World Cups and three European Championships - there is little room for argument (although people will anyway! The National league at club level (The Bundesliga) is firmly established and successful.

But it's the longer stay in Germany that will give you a true representation of what the Country has to offer.

Germany is made up of 16 different states, all boasting their own breweries, food, and must see sites. With only a couple of hours on the plane (from the UK) and International airports scattered generously across the Country, it is pretty easy to get to in a short space of time.

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Source tables; GECD Society at a Glance 2001, Statistical Annex Table D3; The Eighth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (2002) (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention); The Eighth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (2002) (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention).

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States without statutory minimum ages rely on common law, which means that 7 is the minimum age in most states; for federal crimes the age has been set at 11. World Population Prospects, (2) United Nations Statistical Division.

With average attendances close to the 40 thousand and with a lot of those fans made up of passionate and loyal season ticket holders, you are guaranteed a game to remember on atmosphere alone, even if you are unlucky enough to not witness any goals!

With huge names such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayer Leverkusen all attracting some of the games biggest stars, tickets for a match are in high demand.

However - only a visit to Berlin or Munich does not make up a balanced trip to Germany.