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Spending money on education in the UK will giving everyone an equal start in life and removing inequalities which are characteristics of a social democracy. A, 1985, p29) Another demonstration of a Social Democracy within contemporary Britain is the benefit system.

The British government provide benefits for those who are disabled, low income, unemployed, have dependent children, aged over 60, pregnant or recently had a child and those who are caring for another.

"Introduced the National Minimum Wage - two thirds of the beneficiaries are women and it has played a substantial part in narrowing the gender pay gap." Labour believes everyone is entitled to equality.

They aim to be fair to those regardless of gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, race, religion or belief.

I will explore Labours contemporary policies to show that Socialism is still present in Labour.Social democracy saw that there was a vital need for state benefits to help those who are unable to fend for themselves. A, 1998, p9) The advantage of this is that it closes the income gap between the different classes.However Giddens coined the main disadvantage of a Social Democratic state. This demonstrates Social Democracy's existence within contemporary Britain.

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But there are clear indicators that the British state is moving away from Socialism.However 'New Labour' sees this less as a social right and more about personal responsibility and social duty. q=#acprof-9780199266722-chapter-2 This clearly shows how the Third Way governance is prioritising economic issues over social issues.

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