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The university is in need of funds and, as a result, the gang is told to attend a fundraiser.

At the fundraiser, Leonard meets one of the university's leading donors, Mrs.

Without these donors’ generosity, dedication, and support, we would not be able to provide many opportunities for our students, including sponsorships to help with degree completion, financial aid for books, networking with community groups like honor society Phi Theta Kappa, internships, and new buildings to support our college’s growth.

Please join the entire Ivy Tech family in congratulating those we honor. and Irene Brown Foundation, Inc., has been a friend of Ivy Tech for over 10 years, providing support for capital campaigns, specialized campus programs and special events.

The foundation was formed to support manufacturing education for the community.

It provides scholarship funds for students entering technical training programs.

The gang is eating and chatting at the cafeteria, and, unexpectedly, the president of the university, President Siebert, approaches them and asks them to attend a fundraiser for the university. On the night of the fundraiser, the gang is ready to go, except Sheldon, who still refuses to go. Latham's condescending attitude terrifies the trio. While Sheldon is video chatting with Amy, she alerts him that if he is not at the fundraiser, the others may fail and the funds will go to other departments including the geology and the liberal arts. Latham explains to Leonard that she actually comes to the fundraiser to make smart people feel uncomfortable. Latham is similar to his mother before she suddenly kisses him. Latham expressed her apology for the night before as she made him feel the relationship had taken a Quid Pro Quo turn.

The Lingle’s also established two scholarships: The Paul and Pat Lingle Endowed Scholarship and an Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology program scholarship.