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It is standing, moving about the nest and learning about grabbing its own food as it is delivered. Little wings are getting stronger as it vigorously exercises, flapping energetically. It is growing stronger and standing briefly, moving around the nest and grooming.

SE17 is now standing for short periods and exercising those little wings.

Some have existed for over 50 years, and they all serve as cornerstones in their respective communities. In 2016, there were 211 affiliated surf clubs with a total membership of over 19,000 surfers.

Not only do the clubs provide a foundational structure for young surfers just starting to get into the sport, but they’re also gathering places, social halls and provide opportunities for generations of surfers and families to come together and enjoy the beach and ocean.

When prey is brought, the eaglet rushes to grab the prey and mantles over it.

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This nest cannot be reached by a cherry-picker at all and can only be reached by climbing. Our eaglet is thriving, with plenty of food and lots of new feathers. The male brought in food and even fed the female a little as she covered the eaglet. Pin feathers are coming through and the eaglet is looking quite "ratty" at this stage.It was very interesting today to see both adults honking near the nest, apparently warning off several Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos that came too close. the Australians will win gold at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.The clubs participate in state championships, and once a year a national championship.

Last year over 800 surfers competed in Nationals.“You have to have a talent pool to draw from,” explained Stark.

Cameras have been turned off for October and November, as there will be a Controlled Burn in part of the Nature Reserve forest, home of our nest - if conditions are favourable.

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