An intimidating ornament in a female pipefish

28-Sep-2017 09:58

There were some lovely tanks with starfish in and a few beautiful tanks filled with jelly fish light up with ultra-violet lights giving them a beautiful purple or blue hue. Katie had other ideas though and sprinted off excitedly.

Daddy was on star form for the visit and showed Katie the fish and spent time telling her what all the fish were called. Katie still likes to give Daddy a hard time, telling him she chooses Mummy instead so I try very hard to step back and let Daddy take the lead.

It's actually a nice place to visit in the rain and out of the summer season because it was quiet.

I hate anything like this when it's really busy as I like to wander back and forth without getting caught up in a claustrophobic scrum.

an intimidating ornament in a female pipefish-81

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I have a real love of seahorses and I particularly love gazing at the seahorse nursery at the end of the centre.

One day I would love to have my own seahorse aquarium but they take a lot of careful tending and careful temperature regulation and now is not the time with Katie being young; another child on the way and two crazy Maine Coon cats.

I might risk having a general fish tank though and see how we get on with that, so far the cats seem to be ignoring my fishy lamp - we might just get away with having a proper tank!

I am always too anxious about where Katie is and what she is doing.

Being distracted seems to be a common feature of my brain since becoming a parent (along with its accompanying memory loss! Visually though you can walk around and just take it all in rather than doing the whole educational bit of reading up about each of the tanks.

You could also visit as part of visiting the whole of Clarence Pier (the funfair is just down the seafront) or take in some shopping at the nearby Gunwharf Quays.