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Level 1 - Tree is showing some signs of EAB infestation but cannot be determined with reasonable certainty.Tree will be monitored on a quarterly to bi-annual basis.Per the approved EAB Policy, property owners will be reimbursed at a rate of 0 per tree.Should property owners take advantage of this voluntary tree replacement cost sharing program, the property owner will need to take the following steps: Step #1 - Contact the Village's Public Works Department (PWD) at 847-836-2464 for a brief overview of the cost sharing program and to review the following steps.Funds have been allocated on an annual basis for trees that have been removed.

The program is offered on a first-come, first serve basis.

Information on the control of the EAB can be found on-line at, a website maintained by the Illinois Department of Agriculture as well as It was discovered in southeastern Michigan in the summer of 2002.

EAB probably arrived in the United States on solid wood packing material conveyed in cargo ships or airplanes originating from its native land, Asia.

Step #2 - Stake-out the exact location where you would like the tree(s) to be planted with a flag or wooden stake and contact Julie at 1-800-892-0123.

This step will ensure that all of the underground utilities within the parkway are located and will not interfere in the planting of the tree(s).

Due to the potential high volume of work, this timeframe may be adjusted.