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"I don't think we had any expectations in the beginning," Gontier told WRIF. The most we could ask for was just to be able to get out and play the songs live in front of people.

"We were more excited than anything just to get this record out that we had made and get on stage and start touring. "We all have the back story — me with THREE DAYS GRACE, Mike with STAIND and Corey with STUCK MOJO and DARK NEW DAY and EYE EMPIRE — but we definitely…

It's raised the bar tenfold from the band that I used to be in where it was a little bit different, where we'd all get in the studio and things would just be, for lack of a better word, things would be sort of mediocre.

And this time around, we go into the studio trying really hard to be the best we can be, and Mike Mushok is legendary.

He can write incredible guitar riffs and he can write incredible music, and the same goes with Corey.

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Rich [Beddoe], our drummer had always been a part of any project that I was working on when I left my old band.

Mike had a bunch of music and I brought a bunch of lyrics and melodies to the table.

It just all happened pretty naturally, there was no real conscious effort to sound like anything or not sound like anything.

we don't lean on our pasts to try to help us in the future," he continued ."It's more so a case of we're making another record and we just wanna keep evolving as musicians.

I know working with Mike Mushok in the studio has been incredible for me.

I'd like to think that I am always progressing and evolving as a singer and I really believe that this Saint Asonia record is my best vocal performance of any record that I've ever put out. Saint Asonia's first headlining tour is coming up.

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