Accommodating students

24-Aug-2017 06:56

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These accommodations need to be updated to include technology that the student can use to help them read the materials both in instruction time and on test.

The i Pad or i Pod has apps that can read printed materials to the student.

If you are eligible, they will give you an accommodation letter which you should bring to me as soon as possible.” 2.

Encourage students with accommodation letters to meet with you privately to discuss their needs.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act states that a child's IEP (Individualized Education Program) team — which both parent and child are a part of — must decide which accommodations are appropriate for him or her.

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After all, accommodations are meant to "level the playing field," provide equal and ready access to the task at hand, and not meant to provide an undue advantage to the user.To ensure the intellectual richness of research and education in our community, the University of Chicago is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment and providing equal access to students with disabilities.As an educator, you are an important partner in this endeavor to provide reasonable accommodation in the classroom to students with disabilities.When a student brings you an accommodation letter, you may ask her how she learns best and what activities she finds difficult.

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If a student reveals areas of difficulty, discuss possible solutions. Remind your students the importance of seeking assistance.Make a verbal statement inviting students with a disability to request accommodations.

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